Deimaj Group Wholesale

The prime division of the whole Deimaj Group is the wholesale division. Deimaj speeded its root into the market with its quality product supply from its import export agency. The group had fully optimised the entire the distribution across the city with its efficient sales networking.

By late 2003 the company was able to grab the potential of being a profound distribution channel of quality wholesale products and offered the wide variety of choices among its customers at competitive prices. With its constant supply chain management and effective sales team, Deimaj captured enough market to hold its name as a brand and continued the best in the wholesale business. As a prime focal business activity the business launched many products under company name and was successful to do the same in continuing the best quality products in the market.


  • DEIMAJ GROUP W.L.L was established in the year 2003  under the efficient leadership of Mr. E.I.JOHNSON. 


  • Initiated with the Wholesale Food Products and Hyper Market business, Deimaj became one among leading distributor of FMCG in Qatar followed by six other business lines within a span of one year.


  • Holds major distribution channels in the market with highly qualified team networking across the city for the successful results.


  • With highly concentrated Import products like Rice, Oils, Pulses, Spices etc. and regular local purchases, Deimaj manged to conquer 5.2% of market share with high influential customer background and constant supplies of the wholesale market.


Product Portfolio


Palm Sunflower Cooking Refined Olive Corn


Dal Green Peas Chick peas Grams Beans Lentils Sesame Millets


Basmati Long Grain Boiled Jasmine Aroma Short Grain Polished Sticky Brown Parboiled Sona Massori White Baarik Matta


Maida Barley Millets Wheat Maize Sorghum


International juices, Soft drink, Soda, Mineral water Power drinks Dairy drinks long-life.


Kosher Salt Crystalline Sea Salt Flaked Sea Salt Rock Salt Pickling Salt


Black pepper, Cumin, Cinnamon, Cloves Hot peppers, black pepper, Fenugreek, Cardamom, Coriander, cinnamon Nutmeg Red Chilly Turmeric


Almonds Cashew Chest Nuts Pistachio Soy Pine nuts Walnut Hazel Nuts

Can Foods

Canned Vegetables. Beans. Soups. Tuna & Seafood. Stocks & Broths. Canned Fruit. Meat & Poultry.


Refined White granulated Caster Raw sugar Brown Sugar