Deimaj Rent a Car

Deimaj Rent a Car


Travelling is a medium where the present world spends his one third time. We are Customer centric organization and consider this essential for our success. We listen to our customers; provide them superior service exceeding their expectation


Thus earning their trust, respect and confidence. We are a cohesive team. We believe in collaboration, pro- activeness, professionalism, investing in our people, technology, quality, continuous learning and improvement.


We believe in Innovation. We empower our people to be Creative, listen to them and reward innovation and creativity. We are guided by Ethical principles.


We are committed to being open, honest, reliable and respectful in our dealings with our people and stakeholders. We value our Stakeholders.

We have transparent interactivity with the stakeholders, ensuring mutual success and fulfilment of our mission.


  • Transparency and Integrity
  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Creative & Innovation
  • Value Adding

Limousine Service


Welcome to the exclusive Limousine Service. In just a few moments you will find the perfect vehicle for that special occasion.


Our Limousine Service has put together special VIP packages for you, thanks to which you can now rent your personal, premium limousine from anywhere in Doha,.


As well as a first-class, customised service, you and your guests will be provided with an experienced, reliable and multi-lingual chauffeur for use around the clock.


This chauffeur service is able to reliably coordinate a schedule or route change even if at the last minute, thus saving time, and bringing you, the customer, to your destination punctually.

In renting a limousine from us, you open up a world of possibilities