our profile

With 13 plus years of experience Deimaj Group holds a strong base in the market by its way of business practices and approaches. With a decades proficiency the company has been able to continue the market hassles and difficulties with the best professional and management techniques. The company is always looking to thrive the business and its continuity under the best supervision and control of the management.

Diversified business investment

8 different business divisions licenses., Each division supporting the other business units., Controlled exposure of capital.,Mitigating the risk influence by centralised management.

Cooperation and Employees

Employed 110 staffs and still counting., Efficient and skilled employees for controlling the daily operations., Cooperative and personal development , practices by the management.

Events and Media

Franchising middle east requirement of Jeevan Media., Contracting live events and stage shows., Advertising and branding., GCC news coverage and telicasting

Efficient distribution wing.

15 sales van and 3 mini trucks for sales distribution in Doha.,Automated stock reordering management.,Protection and preservation of ,goods with regular flow in business continuity.,Easy handling and creation of employment.

Online Shopping Website

Global access 24/7 active services., User friendly integration and mobile application deployed., Customer centric approach deals and customized carts.,Improved client service through flexibility mechanism.

Market Involvement

16 years of market experience.,One among the leading FMCG distribution channels in Qatar., Brand name and proficiency in business development.,Good relationship management ,in the local market as well as in the international market.,Creating the market with its 24/7 active services.

Wholesale customer base

15 hypermarkets.,38 Supermarkets, 121 SSS ,880 Groceries, 68 Wholesale,750 Restaurants & Cafeterias, 52 Hotels & Catering Services

Branding & Development

Have branded more than 30 various products in the market.,Regularised market insights and demands have resulted in supply of better and unique goods as substitutes of seasonal products., Deimaj packaging division is having an important role in categorising, packing and wrapping.

Inventory management.

4 storage warehouses in Doha.,Capacity of storing more than 40 containers goods.,Key focus on cycling the product supply