Deimaj Wholesale

The prime division of the whole Deimaj Group is the wholesale division. Deimaj speeded its root into the market with its quality product supply from its import export agency. The group had fully optimised the entire the distribution across the city with its efficient sales networking. By late 2003 the company was able to grab the potential of being a profound distribution channel of quality wholesale products and offered the wide variety of choices among its customers at competitive prices. 

Pick n Pack Hypermarket

The Hyper market is one among the prime divisions of Deimaj Group which supports the crucial operations followed by the sales cash generations point. With more than a million stock value this division is going to expand its operation by adding one more branch to its division and sheer marketing strategies.

The company also focuses on developing the other parameters to penetrate more market insights and footings by its efficient social media approaches and campaigns.

Jeevan Qatar

Media is the connecting factor and offers the most reliable source that combines the power of penetrating the market with the right kind of approach. Holding the franchise of a prominent media group from India,

Jeevan TV have a major media influence in the middle east and controls many major events organised under major banners. With millions of followers from middle east, Jeevan Qatar focuses on giving the best results from all the expeditions. From advertisements to media promotions & contracting event managements and controlling units. Deimaj group hold the franchise licence and have the advantage over the other competitors and holds the niche market  


Deimaj Tailoring and Textiles

DEIMAJ TEXTILES values its customers and pursues long and improving relations. Supplied organizations in the region of QATAR. Place your identity in DEIMAJ TEXTILES hands.

Established IN 2003, DEIMAJ Group started DEIMAJ TEXTILES Uniforms as a dedicated organization dealing solely in classy and meticulously crafted uniforms spanning all forms of disciplines and a mission to provide quality garments with exceptional service.


Deimaj Rent a Car

Travelling is a medium where the present world spends his one third time. We are Customer centric organization and consider this essential for our success. We listen to our customers; provide them superior service exceeding their expectation

Thus earning their trust, respect and confidence. We are a cohesive team. We believe in collaboration, pro- activeness, professionalism, investing in our people, technology, quality, continuous learning and improvement.



Deimaj Engineering

It is the comprehensive engineering supply arm of the Deimaj Group. Our Vision is to become one of the leading engineering supply companies, who can serve the ever changing needs with the technology with superior engineering products which complies all industrial standards, that shows the strength of the business group as a whole

Our engineering section takes pride in e contributing to society and our customers  business through the supply of quality products.  The executives and the employees will faithfully adhere to the standard of the business conducts