Jeevan Qatar

Jeevan Qatar


Media is the connecting factor and offers the most reliable source that combines the power of penetrating the market with the right kind of approach. Holding the franchise of a prominent media group from India,

Jeevan TV have a major media influence in the middle east and controls many major events organised under major banners. With millions of followers from middle east, Jeevan Qatar focuses on giving the best results from all the expeditions.


 From advertisements to media promotions & contracting event managements and controlling units. Deimaj group hold the franchise licence and have the advantage over the other competitors and holds the niche market  by its global presence in the media. The channel is now focusing on becoming a global entertainment with its advancement in technology and media.


Jeevan Media has its own reputation among the expats and in India also with their entertainment services and programs. Live stage programs and event managements are also one among the priorities which the franchise focuses on as it is a prime channel of branding and media publicity


Media Promotions

Contracting Event

Managements and Controlling units

Live Stage Programs and Event